Simple antenna of GP type

Antenna mobile TRX FM 2 m is small efficiencies. I decided to make straight external antenna from easy accesible materials and straight to make at home conditions..
Dimensions are limited diameter of mast only. Vertical element and radials for 2 m band I made from aluminiums' about diameter 6 mm (1/4") and length 50 cm (~20") (for different bands dimensions will be different).
Antenna is very simple,that I limited description to minimum adding more pictures. Click on thumbnail to see pictures.

I started first from building of head. I used stainless steel
I bored hole for socked. Next four holes for radials.
Next two holes for mast mounting. All are 6mm (1/4") diameter.
I prepared threaded funnel, I fastened on socket
and I protected before rain.
  Here You can see details of mast handle.

  Vertical element is protected before of unscrewing.
  I fastened the whole to mast and I bent radials at an angle
about 35 degrees.
  Here all details of fixing.
  Prepared antenna to tuning.
Tuning - I cut off verical element. Length depends of it performance
Every antenna lenght will be diffrent.
  Still small detail - fixing of mast to building.

  Work ended - CQ CQ DX...

This antenna no one should to expect cool. It results this from rule of working of antennas of this type. But simplicity realizations, small dimensions, easy assembly, możliwość zabrania w teren przemawiają za tym, że warto poświęcić chwilę.

8.02.02 © J.A. Karabowicz

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